Recommended Book Releases

A therapeutic program with a neuropsychological evidence based profile

Recommended Book Releases

Neuropsykoterapi (2018)

- sex essärer  om neuropsykologi

medvetande, emotion, minne och psykoterapi

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Barry Karlsson

The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain is a 147-page, full-colour illustrated guide for psychotherapists describing the most relevant brain science for today’s mental health professionals. Taken from the best of the series published in The Neuropsychotherapist, and completely revised, this book represents an easy to read guide for anyone working in the mental health arena. Read more.

Neuropsychotherapy (2014)

Theoretical Underpinnings and Clinical Applications

by Pieter Rossouw (ed)

Unlocking the Emotional Brain (2012)

Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic and Laurel Hulley

Psychotherapy that regularly yields liberating, lasting change was, in the last century, a futuristic vision, but it has now become reality, thanks to a convergence of remarkable advances in clinical knowledge and brain science. In Unlocking the Emotional Brain, authors Ecker, Ticic and Hulley equip readers to carry out focused, empathic therapy using the process found by researchers to induce memory reconsolidation, the recently discovered and only known process for actually unlocking emotional memory at the synaptic level. Emotional memory's tenacity is the familiar bane of therapists, and researchers have long believed that emotional memory forms indelible learning. Reconsolidation has overturned these views. It allows new learning to erase, not just suppress, the deep, unconscious, intensely problematic emotional learnings that form during childhood or in later tribulations and generate most of the symptoms that bring people to therapy. Readers will learn methods that precisely eliminate unwanted, ingrained emotional responses-whether moods, behaviors or thought patterns-causing no loss of ordinary narrative memory, while restoring clients' well-being.

Introduction to Neuropsychotherapy (2013)

Laaksonen, R. & Ranta, M (2013). Introduction to Neurpsychotherapy. Psychology Press, NY.

The Psychotherapist’s Essential

Guide to the Brain (2017)

by Matthew Dahlitz

ed Geoff Hall

Neuropsychotherapy (2006)

How the Neuroscience inform

Effective Psychotherapy

Grawe, K. (2006)How do current findings from the neurosciences inform best practices in psychotherapy? How can one change neural structures by psychological means? What are the neural mechanisms of therapeutic change? This book links the findings of modern neuroscience to the insights of psychotherapy. And through this connection, a new picture unfolds of the empirical grounds of effective psychotherapeutic work.

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