Three Working Domains

A therapeutic program with a neuropsychological evidence based profile

Three Working Domains

  1. NPT can be formulated as an integrated part of the neuropsychological assessment of patients with cognitive and emotional impairments. 
  2. NPT and neuroscience are an extended part of regular psychotherapeutic techniques.

  3. Based on neuroscience, attachment theories, reconsolidation research, social environmental theories and Cognitive Rehabilitation models, NPT is also an integrated model for therapeutic work within:

Executive impairments

Impulse problems and/or activity problems

Weak strategies & low problem solving capacity, weak planning

Attention deficit disorders

Neglect syndromes

Working memory disorders

Other memory diffuculties

Perception impairments

Lack of knowledge and level of aptitude, levels of intellectual disability.

Impaired ability to integrate and grasp complexities

Orientation problems

Changes in personality


Social disturbances (as a result of cognitive impairment)

- Inability to cooperate (aggressiveness, passiveness)

- Communication disturbances (individual numbers, abstraction problems)

Inability to understand or express abstract ideas.

Memory deficits

Psychiatric disorders

- anxiety


- specific phopias

- depression

- panic disorder

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