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The Neuropscyhotherapist

The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy - Introduction

Dr Eric Kandel

Eric R. Kandel held his Nobel Lecture December 8, 2000, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr Shitij Kapur

Neuropsychoanalysis Lecture Dopamine Hypothesis

November (2005)

Dr Antonio Damasio

Brain and mind: from medicine to society

Barcelona (2005).

Dr Jason Satterfiled

Brain Mind and Behavior: Emotions and Health (2008)

Dr Philippe Goldin

Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation (2008)

Dr Jessica Tracy

The Nature of Pride (2010) Video 81 minutes

Dr Joseph LeDoux

Replacing memories (2010) Video 5 minutes

Dr. Daniel Siegel

The Neurological Basis of Behavior, the Mind, the Brain and Human Relationships (2011)

Dr Joseph LeDoux

Anxious (2015)


Dr Joseph LeDoux

Our Emotional Brains (2011)

Dr Susan Hart

The Impact of Attachment - Developmental Neuroaffective Psychology (2011) Video 4 minutes

Dr Marie-H Monfils

Catalyzing Behavioral Change (2012) Video 34 minutes

Dr Karim Nader

Memory Manipulation - on Reconsolidation (2012) Video 21 minutes

Dr Daniela Schiller

On Memory - live Video 12 minutes (2012/2013)

A therapeutic program with a neuropsychological evidence based profile

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